Plan Monitoring and Information Division [ PMI ]

Main Functions:

This division keeps track of progress in the implementation of the planned developmental process of the State. Over a period of time, the division has evaloved systems which are followed by departments at the State, District and Taluk levels.

One of the important function of the PMI division is monitoring of various Government programs and schemes through following mechanism.

a) Karnataka Development Programme (KDP) reviews (including Twenty Point Programme) :

The performance of the programme is generally reviewed against pre-determined monthly targets every month at the State, district and taluk levels. At the state level, the division conducts quarterly reviews chaired by the Chief Secretary and attended by the Additional Chief Secretaries/ Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries of all departments.

The subjects covered under State level KDP are - Review of progress under Plan schemes reported in MPIC format by implementing departments, Centrally Sponsored Schemes/Central Plan Schemes including Flagship programmes, Special Development Programme, SCSP/TSP, Externally Aided Projects, Status of sanction of ongoing and new schemes, Result Framework Document (RFD), Decision Support System (online MPIC), Evaluation Studies and other inter departmental issues.

b) Monthly Multi-level Reviews of Plan Schemes (MMR):

Under this system, the progress of plan schemes in the State and district sectors is subjected to monthly review. At the State level, the division coordinates MMR meetings of the Secretaries of the administrative departments with their heads of departments and undertakings and nodal officers of the Planning and Finance departments.

c) Centrally Sponsored and Central Plan Schemes:

Monthly meetings have been conducted to review the progress made under Centrally Sponsored and Central Plan Schemes, including the release of funds by the Government of India, implemented by various departments and place the results before the KDP meetings chaired by the Chief Secretary.

d) Result Framework Document (RFD):

Government of Karnataka has introduced generic RFD Framework on the lines of PMES followed by Government of India in order to enable departments to transit from an input driven approach to results / outcomes orientation with effect from 2011-12. For this purpose the administrative departments have been classified into 19 groups and for each group one ATF Expert Group has been formed comprising of former Chief Secretaries/Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries of GOK/GOI as Chairpersons and domain experts as members vide G. O. No. PD 2 PMI 2012 (P-1) Dated: 27-7-2012. An Advisory Committee which was constituted vide G.O No: PD 2 PMI 2012 (P-3) dated: 22-10-2012 to suggest mechanism for reviewing relevance of RFD and recommended modifications in the RFD guidelines, submitted its report on 15-4-2013. Based on its recommendation revised guidelines were issued in the month of July 2013.

e) Decision Support System (DSS):

The DSS application (Online MPIC) is being implemented by the Planning Department in collaboration with Centre for e-Governance. The Decision Support System facilitates the online entry of monthly programme for each and every scheme of the department and also online entry of the monthly financial and physical achievement right from the field officer level to the HOD level.

f) Monthly Report on Plan Performance

Based on the figures furnished in the MPIC reports, the PMI division is consolidating the plan expenditure figures, administrative department wise, and releasing Monthly Report on Plan Performance.

PMI division functions as nodal division for 5 Admin Departments viz, Women & Child Development, Backward Classes Welfare, Social Welfare, Minorities Welfare and Food & Civil Supplies

g) ACS_Devp_Commissioner_Review(Rural_Sector)

h) ACS_Review(Urban_Sector)